Spring Awakening; A trip to the park

Greenwich Park is one of the Royal parks and is known for being the home of The Royal Observatory, The National Maritime Museum and Old naval College, as well as it’s panoramic views across and beyond the Thames. All that is swell and pretty impressive, but what i love most is its spacious greenland playing host to nature and mother earth of all shapes and sizes. From it’s colourful flower beds to its hundreds of year old ancient trees, to it’s huge family of squirrels and ducks, as well as their deer park. With a number of path and walk ways, the park is accessible for all and is perfect for a day out. 

My favourite time to visit the park is around September-Novemember; it’s so pretty watching the trees surrender to the autumn season; though i must admit after a harsh winter, of both health and studies, i was raring to get out the house and back to that park. I’ve been visiting Greenwich Park since i was a child, and yet overtime i revisit i discover something new. For instance; i just found out that theres a Rose Garden! I’m already mentally planning this next venture there in my mind, who’s in?

We gathered some monkey nuts, bird seeds and a few picnic bits and set off. We arrived to find and quiet, and peacefully still park. With very few around, we delighted in taking a stROLL around, and headed for the duck pond whilst taking in the dawn of the awakening season. Everything looked the same, yet completely different. The trees stood tall, strong; like an elder brother watching over us. The bushes and flowerbeds whispered as the breeze whipped by, waving to us as we walked by. The squirrels somehow familiar, stop and starring, greeting us like old friends as they rushed by. 

We breathed in that last bit of fresh air, from that hilltop before sliding into the car and heading over blackheath back homeward bound. Our first trip of the year had been a success. Recharged and refreshed from the claustrophobic spell winter held over us, we’d been awakened to the new season. A Spring awakening. 

Have you had your spring awakening yet? 
Cheerio for now! 

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