Beauty: Cinderella x MAC

So of course Cinderella is the newest addition of live action movies disney have produced. I, personally love live action movies and have been waiting for more from disney since Alice in Wonderland (2010). In light of this new release, MAC have released a new line of products for the film. 
Now i have to admit i’ve never been a MAC girl. *moment where every woman gasps in shock and clicks off, totally disgusted*. I’m not sure why this is, i just never really liked MAC all that much. Maybe i didn’t inherit the MAC gene like every other girl on the planet? Or maybe it’s where i grew up in stage school community and was constantly plastered in heavy stage make up; which as great as it was, sometimes was really irritating especially for my sensitive skin. Nevertheless i’ve never been a huge fan, until now. 
I was recently talking to a friend, when she mentioned MAC’s new makeup line for the Cinderella release. Now i don’t know whether i’m a little late on the times with this news, but i was completely surprised by this development and couldn’t get my tush over to MAC’s website fast enough! All the products seem to have a great write up and report, I mean it’s not no kiddy make up! I love the pretty packaging. Out of all the products though, i’m absolutely loving those shades in the stroke before midnight eye palette, think i may have to get my hands on one of them bad boys! 
A fan of MAC? What do you think of this collection? 
Cheerio for now! 

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