Where have I been?

I haven’t been on my Instagram account for around six or seven weeks -well thats a lie. I have been on it. I’ve been on there in brief, rare moments here and there. Checking up on friends, family members and some fellow spoonie pals. But i haven’t actually been on there and uploaded anything. Why? 
Well, I guess you could say I’ve been on a serious, and unintentional, ‘Instagram & Twitter cleanse’. Sure, I’ve broken this cleanse every now and then, but nevertheless this cleanse has still been on-going, and as i write this now -it’s still ongoing. I don’t know how this cleanse happened, but all a sudden I didn’t feel the need to use it or even feel like logging in. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little blue and slightly under the weather; as well as feeling bombarded by the number of things and sudden shifts going on in my life right now. It’s all been a little overwhelming. 
As a result of all these changes, the spare few moments that I’ve had free to myself have been, what can only be explained as, a god-send; for me not only to recharge in my solitude but also spend on studying towards my last assignments and exams of the year. Because of this I haven’t been on Instagram or Twitter much at all. I’ve had a browse through Instagram every now and then, and seen a few posts of some Spoonie pals but other then that nothing. I have to admit having that time away from social media came at just the right time and was precisely what I needed to recharge and refocus. I never thought what a difference social media made to my life. 
It was only last week, when I received a worried message from a Spoonie pal, asking if I was okay, that I thought maybe I should raise a flag or some smoke signals to let everyone know I’m alright and haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. All in all, this cleanse was probably the best thing for me, in this present time. I’ve had the time to myself, to grow and refocus on certain areas of my life which definitely needed a little extra attention. 
Ever had an insta-cleanse? 
Cheerio for now! 

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