A Book Day!

Today’s world book day. It’s the day that all bookworms rejoice in celebrating the magical world of books, in which we reside. The day we can’t wait to come around in hope of recruiting a friend or family member into our world of words. 

I feel like this isn’t a national or international holiday that is typically celebrated throughout the blogosphere as often as other holidays and so i’d thought i’d hop on in and get the World Book Day posts rolling in by mentioning a few of my favourite books. I typically can read most books but of course, i do have a few select favs; which have caught me hook, line and sinker!
So these books are my favourite childhood favourites. i read these when i was about nine or ten, and have loved them ever since. The series overall tells the unfortunate events that unfold after the parents of the Baudelaire orphans perish in a house fire. The series follows them being passed through the hands of various guardians and distant relatives, all of which they’ve never met or heard of; whilst also being shadowed by a character named Count Olaf, who is after their family fortune. 
Personally i have always loved the dark, ominous tone that the writing and storytelling has -because what nine year old doesn’t love a dark tale of the misfortunes of others; i swear i was a totally normal kid! Overall i think the slightly bizarre and eccentric characters captured me most, as well as of course wanting to find out what eventually happened to the Baudelaire orphans.
Plus the whole ‘Lemony Snicket’ persona of the author going on and the cryptic dedications to Beatrice -I mean i still have no idea who this actually is (or based on) and it actually really bothers me. There are so many contributing factors that draw me to these books -but ultimately, i just love it!

I’m currently half way through Lemony Snicket’s new series of ‘all the wrong questions’. Which unfortunately i have had to pause and push to the side in light of upcoming assignments *wipes away glistening tear*. 
Cards on the table; I’m kinda obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I think we can all agree that Lewis Carroll had a pretty vivid imagination to dream up these particular stories -or he was high- and it’s an absolute delight to get lost in them. Plus his poems and short limericks are a treat, and of course have very important morals. My favourite character would probably have to be thE blue caterpillar. 
I could quite happily get lost in Wonderland any day of the week!

I was never really drawn to gothic novels growing up. Sure i likes the tone of Lemony Snicket, but books such as phantom of the opera were classed as classics and to be honest classics always seemed so daunting to me. I always associated them with big long words i couldn’t pronounce out loud, let alone actually know what they meant. Until last year, on a miserable cold and wet day, i ducked into a bookshop and bought this book on impulse. So many people had recommended i read it, but i was hesitant until that day. 
Two days later i’d devoured it and had a serious case of DBES (dried and burning eye syndrome) which took some time to fully heal which was unfortunate. On the upside, I absolutely loved the book. For me a great book isn’t just about the story, its about everything else that comes with it; the vibe and theme, the ways its written, the characters… i could go on forever. But i guess the main thing i’m trying to say is that everything matters -if you were watching a kiss scene in a romance film you wouldn’t expect a heavy metal song in the background to set the mood. Phantom of the opera was this for me. It had everything going on, in all the right places and has quickly become one of my ultimate favourites.

Kelly Cutrone? The boss lady from The Hills? yeah, thats the one. 
You know that saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? Whenever I hear this phrase, both this book & Kelly Cutrone are among the first to come to mind. I say this because everyone i have recommended the book to, who has also seen the hills, is surprised at who Kelly Cutrone, the woman herself, actually is. I have to admit, even I was too. 
I’m not going to start rambling on about this book because, well because if i start won’t stop. I could actually write a book devoted to Kelly Cutrone as thanks for sharing he advice on life, love and business. This book was one of my recommended buys on amazon, and after years of shunning it away i finally bought it on a rainy day. Reflecting back it’s probably the best book I’ve ever bought for my soul, and ultimately gave me a little bit of hope to pull me out of what felt like a never-ending dark phase in my life. Kelly Cutrone lets us in on both her personal and professional life, the highs and the lows. In my eyes it’s a great read and a must for any girls (or guys) bookshelf!

What are your favourite books? 
Cheerio for now! 


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