St. Leanne

Ever since i was little I’ve always wanted a dog. To be more precise -a black labrador. Since my parents divorced when i was a tot, its been just me and my mom in a typical three-story townhouse, with little-to-none garden, located in the centre of my hometown. As a result of it just being the two of us, wherever my mom went i went too and in a way i became her sidekick. 
i grew up actively involved in a stage school community where everyone seems to get to know each other pretty quickly. Strangers become familiar faces, familiar faces become friends, and then friends became unbiological family whom even to this day i hold dear, cherish and trust more so then some of my own family members. Our stage school consisted of three branches set up in different locations around our local area, one of which where my mom would help out with paperwork on Fridays. This is where we met Leanne. Leanne was an average build woman. She was kind, talkative, and was always had a smile on her face or was laughing her head off. Around the time i got to know her she had the gold Dolce & Gabbana Motorola, which i absolutely adored. As a fellow only-child, she also contaminated me with OCS (only child syndrome) and before i knew it i had my very own gold D&G motorola. Within an instance of meeting Leanne and her family, a friendship had forged for life and so, with that lots of memories too. 
One Saturday at the beginning of February 2007 i walked into my stage school, having been dropped off by my nan, expecting it to be a normal day of singing & drama workshops. Instead i walked into a room, greeted by my mom flapping with excitement, to be told that we were getting a black lab. i was ecstatic! i didn’t know what to do. So many mixed emotions, it was a little difficult to control myself. Singing and Drama workshops seemed to drag that day and i couldn’t wait to get out of there to hear more about my pup, though there was bad news. The lady whom we were getting it from, had been out when we’d enquired about the pup and said we’d have him, she had came home to find that her partner had already sold him without realising the pup was already spoken for. 
After receiving the news, my heart shattered and a dark cloud formed above me. I was moody and snapped at anyone who dared to cross my path. After that moment Leanne and my mom scoured high and low for a litter of black pups, until a few days later Leanne pulled through and we made the fifteen minute journey to the lady who was selling them. In my mind it was a done deal before we’d even got there. We decided on this little chubb of black fur. I say chubb but he was just like any other pup just with abnormal amount of loose skin and huge paws -the amount of times people would exclaim that he’d grow into a big dog! I named him Myles. My mom wanted Sonny, but it just didn’t suit him. 
Overtime and on into my years of secondary school, me and Myles fell into a routine of our days. Before school my mom would drive me to the strawberry fields just along from my school and id walk around the fields with him. I’d then take him back to the car and collect my bag before walking along to school and hear the echo of him crying, as he watched me walk off. After school i’d walk home and greeted at the door by a panting, slobbering lab eager to say hi and be fed his supper. We’d head down and both have dinner, he his doggy biccys and me my legendary microwave pizza. We’d then settle in my bedroom, as i did my coursework and he proceeded to lay all over my array of papers sprawled across my bed. 
This routine lasted until September 2010 when i came down with a mystery illness, which was later diagnosed as multiple chronic illness’. After that my health spiralled downhill, and i soon had to drop out of education, rely on a carer around the clock as well as a wheelchair when i left the house and became completely housebound and bed bound. My home became my hospital, the walls of my bedroom became my prison cell and i was sentenced for who knew how long. Through this period of time, things became tough and i started to slip into a dark frame of mind. Throughout this time Myles became my guardian angel. He became highly sensitive to how i was feeling, and so whenever i was having a particularly dark day he wouldn’t leave me side and became my shadow. He no longer climbed onto my lap but instead curled up next to me with only a paw and his head resting on my leg; Hoping somehow his love would cure me. We’d sit together as i prayed for someone, somewhere to make me better, i didn’t care if i was completely cured or not, i just wanted even a small fraction of the pain away. Looking back i can see how, in fact, Leanne was actually the guardian angel sent to me as she led me to Myles. She’d led me to the greatest gift of all, and thats pretty special. 

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